Q & A

What is Art in the Gaming? 

Art studio. We are artist who create art to the gaming world. We sell custom controller skins, logo packages and Brand/Team creation program's.

Why do you sell controller skins? 

We think basic controllers are boring. We decide to make them little less boring! And skins also protect your controller and give a better grip as you play. 

Do you sell more gaming accories? 

No. We sell only controller skins for now. We are design studio and our focus is creating art. Maybe in the future we can expand to other gaming accories!

Why should I / my team need a logo?

Logo makes you look professional. If you want to be taken seriously in the gaming world then you / your team need a professional logo. We provide the logo in very good price, because we know that your team might not be (yet) making millions of dollars.

What is Brand / Team creation program? 

This is for professional e-sport players or teams and who are aiming to be. We help you create a brand image for your team. We do every project tailored to our customers needs. Usually the program contains:

  • Logo (If you already have a logo we can upgrade it to look more professional) 
  • Whole brand image 
  • Website (where you/team can sell merchandise)
  • We help you design your merchandise. 

Why would I or my team need this? 

To look professional. We will help you get sponsors that can boost your/your teams earnings. We can also create merchandise line and help you marketing it. That can be also major income for you or your team. 


How much the Brand / Team creation program costs? 

It depends. Every project is a unique and we do what customer wants and needs. But typically our projects cost around 2990 € to 5990 €.


How I or my team can join the Brand / Team creation program?

Here. You contact us and tell your needs and then we will give you an offer based on your needs.